Hi! I'm CJ.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Tech Support

Hello. I'm CJ.

A goal-oriented, with great collaboration skills, and friendly characteristics. Your friendly neighborhood tech support friend. I can help you to any tech related problems. Gaining experience as an IT virtual assistant and at the same time a tech community volunteer.

I graduated as an IT in Mindanao State University - Iligan Institute of Technology. I am currently an active volunteer of GDG-CDO and DEVCON-CDO Chapter in Mindanao. Aside from tech related, I love playing badminton and basketball, and other card games like YuGiOh and Pokemon.

Work. Hobby. Skills.

A motivated web developer with expertise in WordPress and building and developing responsive and user-friendly websites . With ample experience working in a digital marketing company as a Web and IT Support. Experienced in market research, technical support, and web development.

I love to do things that enhances my skills like coding, writing blogs, fixing broken stuff, and organizing desk setups. I also find myself joining as a volunteer in a tech community to meet other people with the same passion and share and gain knowledge.

You can also call me "Your Friendly Neighboorhood Tech Support".

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Game. Code. Sleep

Gaming is my way to escape the reality. I play PC games during Friday and weekend nights with friends, or just by myself. I love to play some FPS, RPG, and MOBA games, such as Valorant, Apex Legends, Divisions (I & II), Tomb Raider series, League of Legends, DotA, and the likes. In order to break the stressful week of work and a bunch of problems, I sit in front of my desk and start playing games.

Aside from playing, I also do coding and research. Sometimes, I like to code and study coding. I maintain two of my websites; my WordPress blogsite and my personal website like this one. I constantly adding fixes and features on this site too.

I also go outside to breath fresh air, and maintain good and healthy body. I love to do biking, jogging and some sports. If allowed, I love to travel from place to place, it looks fun and adventurous.

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